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North Bay - Gateway of the North

North Bay is a diverse community that offers a perfect blend of opportunity and easy living. With a population of 51,553 and a trading area of 112,000 people, North Bay offers economic advantages with easy access to larger Canadian and U.S. markets. North Bay is located three hours north of Toronto, Ontario and three-and–a-half hours west of the nation’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario. North Bay’s diverse business community, abundant amenities, and progressive opportunities for growth make the City an ideal place for investment.
The City of North Bay for not only being an outstanding place to live, but it provides a superior economic environment climate for companies to grow and prosper. North Bay’s workforce can live in their preferred residential neighbourhood or lakeside home, and commute to work in less than ten minutes. North Bay boasts affordable housing, excellent health care facilities, and multi-level learning establishments. There are many active groups in North Bay who dedicate countless volunteer hours to service the needs of the community. These efforts have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for charitable causes and community events.

Benefits of Relocating

Site Selection Canada ranks North Bay in the top 20 best investment locations.

North Bay City Council has reduced industrial taxes by 66% to one of the lowest levels in Ontario and eliminated Industrial Development charges. North Bay has one of the lowest industrial tax rates in Ontario.


Key Sectors

North Bay companies range from major multinationals to small to medium enterprises, operating in a variety of sectors. The use of advanced technology enables North Bay firms to participate in a wide range of sectors and geographic markets. There are five pillars of business practice that generally characterize successful firms in North Bay. These pillars allow them to maintain a competitive position in the marketplace and include creating products and services that are:

  • Highly engineered;
  • Low volume;
  • High margin;
  • Highly diversified by sector; and
  • Have a global mandate.

Construction & advanced manufacturing


National Defense

Information communication technology


Mining supply and services

Retail and commercial


Access to Markets

Access to Markets


Experience the strategic advantages of (re)locating to North Bay. As a key hub for road, air and rail transportation, located a 3-hour drive from major centres such as Toronto and Ottawa, North Bay is within a day’s trucking distance of 100 million people and offers easy access to a population base of over 5 million people.

North Bay is well connected to major urban markets in Canada and the United States via a network of transportation options, including roads, air and rail. North Bay is also home to several international carriers and freight forwarding services.

The North Bay Jack Garland Airport (YYB) provides passenger and cargo services, and is an essential transportation hub for Northeastern Ontario.

North Bay’s 10,000 foot/3,048 meter runway has been constructed to comply with military standards and, as such, is an ideal location for aircraft ranging in size from light trainers to wide-body heavy-lift cargo such as the Boeing 747 and Antonov 124.

In addition, North Bay Jack Garland Airport has Category 1 instrument landing system and Canada Customs and flight service stations, making it ideal for all season flight and aircraft testing.

Ontario Northland provides rail freight services to the region’s mining, forestry, and agriculture business. The company’s rail line interchanges with CN, OVR and CP, allowing freight customers to easily ship to destinations throughout North America. Ontario Northland also provides motor coach transportation as far west as White River, Timmins, Toronto, Ottawa, Hearst and many points in between. Each year, 250,000 passengers choose Ontario Northland. The company provides shipping services and station delivery service with multiple daily departures.

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